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Dealshaker Merchant Platform – Onecoin’s IPO

On the 15 January, 2017, Dr Ruja Ignatova, the founder and CEO of Onelife Onecoin announced that a new merchant platform called Dealshaker would be launched within the company. Watch the video below:

Below is the full transcription of the announcement of the launching of the Dealshaker Merchant Platform by Onecoin:

An amazing news from Dr Ruja, the founder of Onecoin. We have been waiting for this day for ages – for 2 and a half years since we started the company. We would be switching on, on Monday the 16th of January (2017), our merchant platform.

Now Onecoin is not only a cryptocurrency. We’ve always said that Cryptocurrency itself has actually no or very, very limited value. Why? Because if you cannot use a cryptocurrency, there is no reason why this should have some value. And Onecoin has always strived to be the cryptocurrency with the biggest usability, with the biggest customer base, and the cryptocurrency for the masses.

Now what do masses want? What have we always been speaking about? We always spoke about merchants and ecommerce. Ecommerce in a globalized world is a very, very hot topic and very, very interesting. We have about 3 million active users; we have 12 million users who are still trying to be part of Onelife Onecoin universe, and all these people now can join a huge new ecommerce platform.

Now when we speak about ecommerce merchants, what is this? This is people who want to sell goods or services to a huge amount of customers. This is the mass market. And you see this is a very different concept than what Bitcoin for example does. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not for the masses, which is normally doing transactions so you send money from A to B.

Well we, with our unique blockchain, we are actually the ones who want to be the cryptocurrency for the merchants. Our cryptocurrency blockchain goes every 30 seconds in average. We do every minute a new block and this means that the approval of the transactions goes very, very fast.

Now let me tell you about the merchants, something that excites me personally a lot. You remember our goals we’ve always had. We want to have 10 million users who are active, we want to have 1 million merchants, and at one point of time, we would love to see our coin in 25 Euros. Of course nobody can guaranty what will happen to the coin, to the price because it’s a very volatile market out there, but the more usable the more popular the coin becomes, the more also its value can increase.

So what is the most popular company out there who changed the landscape in ecommerce? I am sure that everybody has heard of Groupon. Groupon offers customers a lot of deals. So if I have a small shop, and for example I sell ice cream, I can offer a 2 for 1 deal on Groupon. So 2 ice creams cost 10 Euros. I can offer 2 ice creams on Groupon for 5 Euro and I can attract customers like this. Onelife Onecoin actually went together and we’re coming up with our own big deal platform. The deal platform you can access on the or with your normal Onelife credentials. And you can start actually offering deals to the Onecoin and Onelife community.

So you have 12 million people who can see your deals, 12 million people who can spend their coins on the deals that you offer.

And now some more details on this. So how do you sign up a merchant? What do you do? The deal platform is for free for everyone. So a merchant, you send him on the Onelife cycle. You either psyche him as sponsorly or you psyche up on the tree. So if this person receives his Onelife credentials, and he can go login in the Dealshaker, insert his deals and starts actually selling the services.

Now if I am a merchant and I would like to sell something, let’s say for example I want to sell phones that are worth 1000 Euro, how do I do this? You will be asked in the Dealshaker platform, how much of this money you want to charge the customers.

So let’s say I want to charge 1000 Euros for a phone. Groupon actually asks you to do 50% discount to the customers. We don’t. You can sell your products at the full market price which is a huge advantage of the platform for the merchant. The only thing that we ask you is that 50% of the price you have to take in coins. You can do of course up to 100% in coins but at least 50% you can take in coins, the other 50 you can take in cash. If you decide you can take 75% in coins and only 25% in cash. It is up to you as a merchant. So I told you it is free for the merchants to join the platform.

However let’s say I am selling the phones and I am selling the phones for 1000 Euro. So half of this price I will charge in Onecoins, but the other 500 Euro I would charge in what? In cash! So whenever I do a sale, we credit 500 Euro to the cash account of the merchant. Out of this money, we’re doing in our currently special promotion 25% of the money go to the company as a fee. Here again we’re doing something very, very kind for the merchant. Groupon charges them and other platforms charges them about 50%. So it’s much, much cheaper for a merchant to sell his goods on the Dealshaker platform, for 2 reasons: first of all he or she can sell the product at full price, and second, he gets Onecoins who might rise in value, we never know, and also he’s paying a much lower fee to the company for the sale.

So why should you guys bring merchants inside? As you all know we are a network marketing company. So on the sales of the merchants, you will receive BVs. We would explain in the back office how many Bvs you would receive but on the cash pad of the merchant we would pay out as a company BVs for everybody who brought the merchants.

So what happens if you brought an amazing merchant who offers attractive products to the network, who does a lot of sales every month, you created yourself a passive income because every week when this merchant does sales, you would receive Bvs on the sales he or she is doing. And I think this is something amazing for you guys, and this is something that would help us strengthen our network and the coin.

All of the merchants would receive a position in the tree, which means they or themselves can go and sponsor other people, and if they decide also can offer the Onelife classic education package to other people. So all of them can put the Onecoin sticker on their walls and say we’re taking Onecoin.

And just imagine you’re a merchant and have the sign, people come and ask oh, what is Onecoin, what is Onelife? I will like to learn more about cryptocurrency. So also merchants can go and become an active part of our network and distribute the Onelife education packages. As we all know currently the only way to receive onecoins is only through the education packages and the free tokens.

So on the commission side, as I said, you can find details in the back office very, very soon. But what I’m telling you is the more active the merchant, the more attractive its products for the network, the better for us.

We have said that we would like to attract 1 million merchants and I think we can. I will just give you an example on Groupon. Groupon is one of the biggest companies in ecommerce out there. They were one of the most innovative customer companies out there. In the high times, they had a high valuation of above 10 billion Euro. How many merchants you think Groupon have? 1 million! So I think we can be bigger than them. We’re over 5 continents. We have an active user base of 3 million people. And I think if every one of you brings 2 or 3 merchants, we already will be so much bigger than Groupon and all of the other ecommerce people.

I wish you all a lot of success with this. I hope that you’re so excited as we are actually. And I want to see you all in the Dealshaker platform. We start inputting new deals on the 15th of January and when we have collected some deals on the 16th of February, all of you can start spending coins on the most exciting deals that you see. Thank you very much!

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