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How to Develop your Passion for Success

You must love what you do in order to be successful. What you love to do is your passion. Loving what you do will make you work harder, try harder, make you better at it and make you enjoy your life more! The most important ingredients for success are:

  • Know your business
  • Develop a passion for your business

The two things I listed above will help you solve a lot of problems. There are things you do not just do for money, but because you have passion for it. It works when you focus on your passion, and a lot of money will come to you later. For example, if you have a passion for writing books, the first attempt may not be as profitable as you may think, but as you are passionate about it, it seems to you that there’s nothing better, which is the greatest feeling.

How to Find your Passion

First, stop thinking about how you can make money. Instead, try to discover something you can produce or a service you can render to people – a product or service that is valuable and useful to the people in your community. Discover the needs you can fulfill in your community. What can you make better or put in a more efficient way? What problem have you noticed and that you can solve? What needs do you think you can fulfill? Most importantly, what would you have fun doing (your passion)?

Certainly, you should get paid for your work, and you will surely get paid, if you provide something of value. In this game, money is your score. Yet the fun has not begun when you simply scored; instead, it begins when that excitement comes up to you after you’ve used your creative ways to score the goal.

Discover your passion and use it to do useful things for the people in your community and the money will come to you.

It may sound simple but many people have become billionaires by sticking with the above simple philosophy.

Most of our industrialists like Otedola, Mike Adenuga and Dangote did not start with a lot of money. The truth is that most of these businessmen started when they were practically broke. Most of the successful businessmen across the globe got little or no money at all from their fathers to start up their businesses but what their fathers gave them was good education and this simple formula for getting wealthy:

Work hard doing what you love.

In anything that you do, look for a grand purpose or a mission that is beyond money and that you have a passion for. Look beyond the greedy exclusiveness of those people who the only thing they care about is money. Make your vision broader so that you can see the complete picture of the product or service you offer. Fulfill as many needs as possible to people. Create efficiency, beauty, security, health, and livelihood for the community.

If you really want to do big things in life, then you must have monumental enthusiasm and passion. To do any job right, it requires passion. The doorman, the waiter, and the receptionist are there to greet each visitor with enthusiasm. No matter what your job is presently, do it with passion and magic will happen. You will come across the right person that will notice you one day. I’ve seen this over and over again. How much more passion is needed to be a great entrepreneur or artist? Look for a noble cause and work on it with all your might and dedication.

Life without passion lacks luster. Passion is the provider of the intestinal fortitude you need to never surrender. I did not write everything you read on this website without the high price of dedication, persistence and hard work. Through all the challenges, I still have passion for sensitizing our country on entrepreneurship where the citizens of this country will be involved in building the economy of the nation through their creativity.

How can you find your passion? For a few minutes, try to put aside any judgments or relational assessment that you may have. Start to day dream about something you truly and really love to do. Then answer the following 6 questions:

  1. If there’s one thing you could do in life, what would this be?
  2. What do you get so much caught up doing or have so much fun doing that you lose your sense of time?
  3. What thing do you love to do so much that you would do it for free?
  4. What is it you were doing at a time you got very satisfied doing it?
  5. What kinds of things do you do that take you straight to peak experiences?
  6. If there would be somebody you really admire, who would that be?

When you give sincere answers to the above questions you will find your passion. Now let’s be realistic. What you love doing must also be what you can do; that is something you are really good at. Just think about your talents and strengths. Discover what you’re good at. Search your unique talents and discover the things you’ve done that make you feel very proud of yourself. think ofthe activities come naturally and easily to you. When thinking of the work you love doing , try to think very big! Search your amazing accomplishments. Think of the fulfillment and joy you will achieve from the work you love doing.

Doing the work you love will make you feel like you’re doing no work at all because it will become a source of energy for you.

Are You a Doer or a Dreamer?

Passion is far more important than talent or brain. I’ve seen some really talented and brainy people who fail because of lack of passion. They are what I call “ideal people.” You’ve probably seen them too. They always seem to have developed brilliant new ideas for themselves – but they end up doing nothing about them!

Their ideas constantly remain inside their heads and never reach their hearts. But if the ideas do not get to the heart, they fizzle out very fast. Ideas on their own are very fluffy and light. They require enormous passion to turn them into concrete and stone. You must bring your ideas out into the air, take them and add the weight of passion to them as fast as possible before they vanish into thin air. Passion is the magic ingredient that gives you the fierce drive to complete your endeavour. I’ve seen people who are less talented but were able to propel themselves to great success on high octane passion. You must have this to compete and thrive in this world, especially in our country.

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