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I want to remind you that, all over the world there is a major problem all countries are facing. It is known as RECESSION.

So What Is Recession?

In simple word recession is that period where money loses value, and the money in itself is hard to come by.

Now there is one thing that is common to all the failing economies which is “MONEY”.

It is therefore safe to say that the money system has failed & if it is reoccurring it means it is time for a technological solution.

And the Technological Solution is the BITCOIN (BTC).


Bitcoin is a digital currency (also called crypto-currency) created and held electronically. It is not backed by any country’s central bank or government. Bitcoins can be traded for goods or services with vendors who accept Bitcoins as payment all over the world.
Bitcoins aren’t printed, like dollars, euros or naira – they’re created by Bitcoin miners through complex computer processes and you can buy & sell them anywhere in the world and get the equivalent amount in your local currency just like you sell dollars to the ‘bureau de change’ and get the equivalent amount in naira or other currencies.
And the new world of money is the BITCOIN (feel free to do your research on this).


In 2009, 5,000btc = $27

In 2016, 5,000btc = $3,190,000

See the huge increase in value in a space of 7 years. Isn’t that amazing?

You see, Bitcoin meets all the properties of a legal tender because of its;

1. Durability; It cannot decay or get spoilt
2. Divisibility; It can be divided into 1/100,000,000 which is 0.000000001 which is known as 1 satoshi. Meaning 100,000,000 Satoshi = 1 ฿itcoins
3. Portability; It is a transaction that can be done with phone, bitcoin ATMs or the Internet.
4. Acceptability; A number of site online accept it for transactions and the world as a whole has accepted it.
5. Limited supply and about 15,300,000 bitcoins alone are in existence(though more btc are being created daily) and it is known that in 114years there would be no more production of bitcoin. Presently it is created in satoshis daily.
6. Uniformity; bitcoin carry the same value all over the world.

Kindly note that the Bitcoin Values keeps changing daily due to it’s level of popularity


1 Bitcoin = Over $1,000

1 Bitcoin = Over N400,000

Now that you have an idea of the value of 1 bitcoins, so imagine having 2 to 5 bitcoins on a monthly basis. What difference would that make in your life?

And would it be okay for you to start acquiring bitcoins today?

How Do We Get Bitcoins?

1. You can get bitcoins by buying from Dealers called “exchangers” and saving it till it appreciates (This is a very slow process to accumulate btc because of the cost of purchasing 1 bitcoin).
2. You can get bitcoin by investing in the actual mining process(creating bitcoins). This is Very expensive, slow and time consuming.
3. You can also get bitcoins by working online and getting paid in bitcoins and this can be very rear.
4. You can get bitcoins by playing games online, clicking on ads etc you will be paid a few satoshis.

You see my friends, we’ve found a way for everyone here to get full access to over 40,000 Bitcoins and also earn at least 0.03btc($35 or N15,000 naira) to 0.2btc($235 or N100,000 naira) per day and i’ll be sharing the way forward right now.

The most profitable, shortest, Surest and safest way to get bitcoin is through a home based business known as MYCASHPOOL(MCP) and MiniCashPool.

What Exactly Are MYCASHPOOL(MCP) and MiniCashPool?

MyCashPool is a home based business and a team-work based, person-to-person donation platform. This allows members to earn more bitcoins on a daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly basis.
In MyCashPool, You can earn well over 43,000 bitcoins which is equivalent to over $44,000,000 Million Dollars (over N22,000,000,000 Billion Naira) within 24 months

That is plenty of money my friend.

And You can become a millionaire in 2 months in MyCashPool as far as you’re ready to follow our lead in the team.


Minicashpool was given birth from MyCashPool (Meaning MyCashPool is the Mother of MiniCashPool).
MiniCashPool is a platform that combines almost all the money making opportunities online either with investment or without investment and you earn a huge income for yourself from 4 different income streams. It is very affordable to start and earning money here is extremely fast.
MiniCashPool is capable of paying members between 0.03btc (over $34 or N15,000 naira) per day to 0.2btc (over $235 or N100,000 naira) per day.

…(Note that I said per DAY and not per month).


The company started 1st of February, 2017 and it’s gaining substantial unmatched grounds which the Investment world has never seen.
The CEO of MCP is Mr Ashish Rajah from India.
MCP is Incorporated with EVSSL. MCP is also known as ‘MYCASHPOOL PRIVATE LIMITED’ Company. And nonetheless we are the first bitcoin home based business to be registered and everyone is safe to join this business because even our great grand children will benefit from the success of MCP.

The Company Number is: 10633086

You can also Check our Company’s registration info here after the meeting:
Note that, the Vision of this business is to help the masses to acquire as many Bitcoins as possible without having to spend so much money on the purchase of a single bitcoins and the best available way to achieve this is via peer to peer donations.

Now Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of Acquiring Bitcoins In MyCashPool and MiniCashPool(MCP):

The benefits of acquiring bitcoins in this technology age is enormous and i’ll be glad to share the benefits of earning Bitcoins in MCP with you right now;

Firstly, the value of bitcoins keeps increasing daily and according to  research, 1 bitcoins will be equivalent to $2,000 (1,000,000 Naira) at the end of this year 2017, which mean that, if you decide to start acquiring bitcoins today you will have the opportunity to double all your earned bitcoins by the end of this year.

For Employees, Acquiring bitcoins through MCP would help you to earn more money and you will not need to worry about lay offs at your job but you will make more money so you can FEEL SECURE then you can also retire comfortable and never run out of money.


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