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Onecoin Packages – How to Pay With Bitcoin

How to Pay for A Onecoin/Onelife Package With Bitcoin

Congratulations on your decision to start your Onecoin business in

If you do not already have an account, click here to sign up in a new window while you follow my simple step by step approach.

After signing up on Onelife website, first ensure you verify or confirm your registration by clicking on the verification link sent to you in your email inbox.

Now to buy or order your desired package with Bitcoin, just take the actions I tell you to take in each of the following steps to upgrade your account:

Step 1: Login to your account to reveal your dashboard.

Log in to Onelife account

Step 2: Once you get to this screen(your control panel), move your mouse pointer towards the left side to reveal your Dashboard on your control panel. Look for the SHOP menu (indicated in the image below with an orange and white arrow). Click on SHOP to proceed.

Onelife account dashboard

Step 3: On the new screen shown below, click on UPGRADE PACKAGE menu.

upgrade package button

Step 4: On this screen, you will see all the packages you can use to upgrade your account. Let us say you want to upgrade to the STARTER package which costs only 140 Euros at the time of writing, scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see the STARTER package. Click on the UPGRADE button to continue.

STARTER package upgrade

Step 5: On this screen, you will see your STARTER package has been selected and the list of all payment methods accepted by Onelife listed below the package. Scroll down to look for BITCOIN which is your payment method in this example. Click on the small radio button just beside it to reveal the price (in bitcoins) you are to pay for the starter package. In this example, it is 0.19159109 BTC. Now, click on nextStep to move to the next screen.payment methods for upgrading

Step 6: On this screen (See image below), you will receive the details of the account you are to make payment to. I have indicated all the important values you must keep safely somewhere in your computer, say a notepad. They are numbered 1 to 4 as follows:

Onelife's account detail for payment

1. Your gift code, F2D485D1ED: This is extremely important because you will need to submit it for the activation of your upgrade to Starter package.

2. The Price in BTC: This is the exact amount of bitcoins you are to pay for the upgrade. In this example, it is written as 19207484 which is slightly different from the amount we were given before in step 5 above. The reason for this slight discrepancy is the constant fluctuating nature of Bitcoin/Dollar exchange rate. Between the time I moved from step 5 to step 6, the exchange rate has increased by 0.00048375 BTC! Use your calculator to confirm! What this means is that you should be ready to make your Bitcoin payment before trying to upgrade, otherwise if you do try to perform the upgrade on another day or even a couple of hours after getting the final value of 0.19207484, you may end up paying Onelife more or less than you are to pay. If you end up paying less this may delay your receiving the gift code in time, or you may not even receive it all. If this happens to you, please click on the HELP CENTER to contact the Onelife support. If you end up paying more, which is better anyway because Bitcoin charges a small commission, it is very likely you will still receive your gift code but certainly not the change! This happened to me so I’m speaking from experience! If I were you I will make sure I have like 0.19300000 BTC in my wallet to cover Bitcoin’s commission and any unpredictable increase in the exchange. The support team typically replies in 1-2 days, Mondays through Fridays.

3. To this Address 17amYMHaaJ8Z7zfcgHXG6KvR97F2r3faDq : This long string of characers is the Onelife’s bitcoin address to which you are to send payment. Keep it safe somewhere in your notepad. Ensure you do not accidentally remove, add to or change any of the characters in the address, otherwise you may send your payment to the wrong address! It’s too bad that Bitcoin payment is irreversible and that will make you feel very bad won’t it? Even if you don’t feel bad, you will never get your gift code activated!

4. With this message 1881779: When making payment from your Bitcoin account, there’s a DESCRIPTION field. See the image below. It’s the last field at the bottom where you are to write a short message such as the reason for your payment. Normally this field is optional with BITCOIN but it is a mandatory field as far as ONELIFE is concerned! I cannot stress how important it is to enter the message 1881779 in the description box. Don’t skip this step to avoid getting yourself into a mess or an endless argument with Onelife’s customer support! After all, you can see the warning message screaming at you inside the square box. A word is enough for the wise!

how to send out money from Blockchain account

Step 7: Login to your bitcoin account to send payment. If you have been using bitcoin before, this should not be a problem. In the image below, you can see a login screen to my Bitcoin wallet.

log in to Blockchain to send bitcoin

Step 8: Once you have logged in, click on the SEND button to continue.

Send button in blockchain

Step 9: First click on ADVANCED SEND at the bottom left corner to reveal more information, such as the transaction fee. Complete step 1 by filling all the required filed as explained in step 6 above. You can reduce or increase slightly the value in the BTC filed until you see that the amount you want to send out to Onelife is at least 0.19207484 (referring to my own example of course). Then click on Next Step at the bottom right side to move to step 2 of your payment See image below.

How to send bitcoin from blockchain account

Step 10: In the step 2(last step) of your payment, you will see a preview of your payment before you submit your payment finally. Once again ensure your payment is not less than the amount Onelife is asking for. Remember you must pay all transaction fee by yourself to ensure you send out the right amount or slightly greater to Onelife.

Step 11: If you complete all the above steps correctly, you should receive your gift code by email in 24-48 hours during working days. To use your gift code to upgrade your package, click on SHOP on the dashboard. A new screen will come up, similar to the one shown below.

how to enter gift code in onelife account

Step 12: In the box on your right side, under REDEEM GIFT CODE, enter your gift code in the Gift Code (arrow 1) field and the captcha in the captcha field (arrow 2). If the captcha is not clear to you, just click on the refresh button beside it to change it. Finally click on the blue Redeem button (arrow 3) to submit your code. A small window will pop up with a congratulatory message that your package has been upgraded. Refresh the page or log out and then login again to see your upgrade!

Final Notes: If you follow all the above steps carefully, you shouldn’t experience any problem. If however you do, just contact Onelife’s Help Center to help you activate your gift code. The link is the very bottom of their website. To ensure you get your gift code is activated, contact the support with a request for activation of your gift code, making sure you submit the following information to them:

  1. Your Username, that is, the username you use to log in to your Onelife account. It is ResourceArena in this example.
  2. Your gift code, F2D485D1ED (in my example above)
  3. Your Message code, that is, 1881779 (in my example above)
  4. Your Transaction Id. You have to log in back to your Bitcoin wallet to get this. If you use Blockchain like I do, you will have to download/export your transactions history in an excel file before you can see the Transaction ID for your payment to Onelife. See the images below for how to get it.

getting blockchain transaction ID 2

getting blockchain transaction ID 1

Once you have downloaded the excel file just search for the column with heading tx. Your transaction ID is somewhere down this column. It is usually a set of 40 digit character that looks like this: 4c1d4a82a5f4925be0408db1dff6cc6c49d3b1f34b3215b8c9502931ea3ca3cc

5. After the customer support agent has confirmed all the above information, your gift code will be manually activated and you will get a reply back in email to use your gift code as explained in step 12 above.

If you have inquiry to make or if you want to buy bitcoin from us please click here to Contact us!

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