how to open bitcoin wallet

How to Open and Fund A Bitcoin Account

As an international electronic currency, Bitcoin is a new form of money that is created on the program code basis. No company, government or individual owns Bitcoin.

This is why Bitcoin is the world’s number one decentralized payment system. You transfer money on the peer-to-peer principle, that is  no intermediary is needed between a sender and a recipient.

How to Create A Bitcoin Account

To start, go to and look for “New Users” near the top left corner. Click on “Create A Free Bitcoin Wallet”.

how to open bitcoin wallet

A new window asking you for your email address and password pops up. Now, type the requested information in the “Create Wallet” form and click continue.

create bitcoin wallet
You will be asked to login to the email you provided and click on “Verify Email” link in order to validate your account.

verify email link

You will also receive your wallet ID in your registered email inbox. Login to your email and copy your wallet ID. Your wallet ID is required to login to your account.

How to Login to your Bitcoin Wallet

Copy your wallet Identifier. which you can find at the foot of your welcome email from BlockChain.

Once you’ve done that, go back to blockchain website to click on the “Wallet” menu/button on the top right. Now click on the “Login Now” button. See the screen shot below:

login to bitcoin

Now paste your wallet identifier code inside the box below “Wallet ID”.  Enter your password and click on the sign in button. See the screen shot below:
sign in to bitcoin account
An email requesting you to authorize your login attempt will be sent to you. This is a kind of security measure for ensuring you do not get an unauthorized access to your account. So go back to your email inbox to click on the approval link.

This will take you back to the blockchain website. Click on “Wallet” again to get back to your bitcoin wallet.

How to Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin provides you a unique address that you can use to receive money into your wallet. To fund your bitcoin wallet, click on the “Receive” button under the “Be Your Own Bank” heading. See the screen shot below:

Copy your bitcoin address and give it to any person you want to receive money from. You can also use your bitcoin address to sign up on any website that wants to pay you money through bitcoin.

You can use any of the following methods to fund your bitcoin wallet:

1) Buy your bitcoin from on our trusted Whatsapp group (Number: +2348068697770). We verify all members’ identities and we are strictly for business. We are focused. No irrelevant discussions/posting are allowed. .For those reasons, we have been doing safe transactions in the group for nearly a year now.

2) Use a trusted e-currency exchanger website like Naira4Dollar.

3) Contact me by email to fund your bitcoin wallet for you.

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