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The Cryptocurrency Phenomenon

In this post, I’m going to share with you the Cryptocurrency phenomenon. You’re going to learn why it is very profitable. In my second post, I will continue and show you why you should get involved in Cryptocurrency business by investing in Onecoin. No hype or fluff here. I just want to pass some transparent information that’s going to impact your life greatly. Many people’s lives around the world have been impacted because of the financial shift happening globally.

Going from the physical to the digital world is something that’s been happening around the world for many years. It started from the physical postal mail and then transformed into digital mail, also known as email. Cassettes and CDs which are physical became mp3 music. Then it went from VHS and DVD where we can walk into a building to rent a movie. Now you can stream movies online with companies like NETFLIX. The phone book is something that we used to use search for things, but now it’s changed to GOOGLE which is far more superior to any phone book there’s ever been.

Our social life used to consist of meeting at social gatherings and talking on the phone a lot. Now it is all digital where people spend more time on social media than they do meeting people in the physical world. It’s no surprise that our currency is also going digital.

The Evolution of Payments

Precious metals like gold and silver is where it all started. It went on to coins. Then it went to paper checks. It then graduated into credit and debit cards. This was the first sign of currency transitioning to become digital. Online payment solutions like Paypal, Payza and many others were the next phase in going digital.

Now, cryptocurrency has revolutionized the way we utilize payments. Currently there are over 700 different cryptocurrencies in the marketplace. Cryptocurrency has been around for over 7 years. Each coin is unique in cryptocurrency, just like each paper bill has its own serial number to identify it. Every single cryptocurrency has its own unique identifying serial number and each coin is also encrypted to prevent counterfeiting.

Bitcoin was the first digital currency and it all started in 2009. Bitcoin ranked from 10 cents for a single coin all the way up to over $1200 per coin creating tons of millionaires around the world. If you could turn back the hands of time right now, how many coins would you have purchased when Bitcoin was under $10 per coin knowing that the current value of bitcoin is over $800 per coin in today’s market?

There are over 700 different cryptocurrencies today. The dollar and other traditional currencies are going down in value while cryptocurrencies are going up in value.

The Power of Cryptocurrencies

Supply and Demand – Supply and demand plays a big role in this industry. There’s a limitation of coins which causes value appreciation and helps guard against inflation. In currency today there’s no limitation, and that’s why they continue to print more and more bills. There’s over twenty trillion dollars-worth of printed bills in American currency.

Mining Coins – This is not mining of physical gold; it’s mining of cryptocurrency, “virtual gold.” The computer hardware and software solve mathematical problems in order to produce or mine cryptocurrency coins.

Blockchain – This is a digital transparent ledger that records and tracks all transactions for many different industries around the world. Wall street is also considering to implement the blockchain as well.

Get Educated –  Become a miner so you can acquire coins at wholesale and be the supplier of a new coin to the world. The great news is that you don’t need any equipment or prior knowledge to be a coin miner.

Mining Physically Versus Mining Digitally

mining bitcoin

Most people understand the concept of mining for physical gold. However, only a few people understand how to mine digitally. Supercomputers are used to mine digitally. These are mining farms of computers that mine cryptocurrency coins (virtual gold) everyday. Participating in mining cryptocurrency coins at wholesale through mining pool is much more cost efficient and allows you greater potential for profit without needing your own equipment.

Would you rather get coins for a retail or wholesale? Discover the huge advantages of being a miner.

Companies Accepting Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency

Companies accepting bitcoin cryptocurrency

There are many companies around the world that prefer accepting Bitcoin cryptocurrency to credit cards, debit cards or even cash. Examples are Expedia, Dish network, Apple, amazon, Ebay, WordPress and so much more!

ATM bitcoin machine

You can now go to an ATM Bitcoin machine and insert physical cash and the machine will credit your online Bitcoin account. If you want to sell your Bitcoin to the machine, it would produce actual physical currency that would come out of the machine as well. This is where cryptocurrency has already gone.

Banks Who Are Involved And/Or Created Their Own Cryptocurrency

banks involved in cryptocurrency

Making Profit From Cryptocurrency

making profit from cryptocurrency

Winklevoss Twins Started Their Own Cryptocurrency Online Wallet

Winklevoss Twins Started Their Own Cryptocurrency Online WalletThey put millions of dollars in the Bitcoin and even opened a Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.

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missed out of cryptocurrency evolution

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