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Our Entrepreneurship Education & Training Programs

Our Findings

From years of experience, we have discovered that for Nigeria to find lasting solutions to many of her socio-economic problems and challenges, the youth must be ready to embrace entrepreneurship education and training. To this end, we at Resource Arena have taken a giant step to not only increase the nation-wide awareness of this fact, but also to provide affordable entrepreneurship training programs targeting the youth. This will help to reduce unemployment and minimize the impact of poverty.

We designed our training programs to directly empower the trainees so they can stand on their own after completion of the training. We provide evaluation in the form of after-training exams and we offer certificate of completion.

Who exactly are we targeting?

Our training programs are not only aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship skills but also to distinguish trainees from one another by their talents and interests.

  • In-house Entrepreneurship Education Programs – These are scheduled training programs that hold in our office. We use our resources to help trainees focus on building skills and knowledge and about entrepreneurship. Our target trainees are secondary or high school students and higher education students. In this category students learn basic hardware and software applications like Q-basic and Visual basic programming languages, computer application packages such as Ms Office, Spreadsheets, simple graphic and web designs, etc.
  • Online/In-house Entrepreneurship Training Programs – These are training programs that we provide online or in our office, depending on the trainee’s choice and requirements. They are usually in the form of 2-12 week hands-on training workshops. We use our online or workshop training resources to help the trainee build skills and knowledge or improve their own skills and knowledge in the area of I.T so they can start or operate an enterprise after the training completion. Potential entrepreneurs are our target here, for example, unemployed, under-employed or individuals looking to improve their skills and knowledge in their already existing jobs. This category of people also involves people who are already practising (such as small business owners or high-growth potential enterprise owners). In this category, students will take advanced courses like Computer Networking, Vsat installations, GPS mapping, advanced/professional graphics and web designs, etc. After completion of the training, the individual can start a new venture in a traditional office/workshop, become a freelancer online, etc
  • Training Seminars and Webinars: From time to time we organize one-day training seminars and sensitization programs in our seminar venues or online to help people who have very limited time to quickly build skills and knowledge that they can transform into money making and employment generation.

What outcomes do our training programs achieve?

We use the training programs to address unemployment or promote innovation and entrepreneurship. This will help to make a positive change in the trainee. Our Outcomes can be categorized thus:

  • Entrepreneurial mindsets– Improve the trainee’s socio-emotional skills;
  • Entrepreneurial capabilities – Improve the trainee’s knowledge and technical skills;
  • Entrepreneurial status – a change in work activities, for instance, opening a new enterprise or creating a new job that can employ other people.
  • Entrepreneurial performance – Improve a venture’s performance.

What exactly are the resources we provide?

  • For In-house Entrepreneurship Education Programs,we provide qualified trainers practical classroom training sessions using projectors and whiteboard, give lecture notes, training books, audio CDs and video CDs/DVDs, simple computer and electronic hardware, etc
  • For Online/In-house Entrepreneurship Training Programs.For online training, we provide qualified trainers resources like ebooks, Instant messaging platform and ready-made training videos for advanced courses. For in-house training we provide qualified trainers one-on-one or group training sessions in our office using projectors, markers and whiteboards, give lecture notes, work books, training books, work sheets, audio CDs and video CDs/DVDs, laptops, complex computer and electronic hardware,etc.

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