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Work From Home Entrepreneur:

If you are unemployed or maybe you just need an extra source of income, you can do online or digital jobs from the comfort of your home. Becoming a work from home entrepreneur will offer you many great benefits, and of course a number of challenges too.

Your dining table or even your kitchen counter can be turned to a very cost effective business office. Alternatively, you can create a home office from a small desk in the corner of your bedroom. If utilized effectively, it can help you make a big difference to your pocket. I am talking from personal experience!

In recent times, online work has been disrupting our traditional work places. To this end Resource Arena has been exploring various ways of expanding self-employment landscape for the young people of Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Working online will provide you a low-barrier-entry opportunity to earn a living and simultaneously help you build skills and fast digital work experience.

Nowadays employers are looking for cost effective and more efficient means of sourcing talented people. Online work is fast providing an opportunity for employers to get access to great expertise from a pool of global talents, minimize their recruitment time, and maximize staffing versatility.

This is an opportunity for you as a skilled worker, or at least someone who is ready to build online digital job skills. Digital jobs can offer you a very significant income earning potential, talking from personal experience, if  you can successfully utilize and navigate the platforms.

To our valued subscribers, I provide detail of good digital work they can do online from their homes. If you want to join us, click here to subscribe right now! For now, I want to give you a couple of tips that will help you in your newly established business, that is,  work from home entrepreneurship:

Stay Healthy; Become and Stay Fit

Our productive habits somehow depend on our health habits or status. Health is wealth as they say and this is very true. Staying healthy will help you become very effective in your work.  If you are not already doing some daily exercise, then start soon and commit yourself to making it your habit. This is because exercise helps to increase our energy, helps to improve our focus and even helps us sleep better so we can become stronger and be prepared for our daily job.

Learn to Say NO!

Whenever it is time for you to work, I strongly advise you switch off or at least put away your phone, close your e-mail and web browsers and stay away from other things that will now allow you to concentrate. You will become far more productive if you learn to say no to answering the phone, especially unimportant phone calls from people or numbers you don’t know. This will help you increase your productive efforts.

Learning to say no also implies that you should say no to yourself when you attempt to embark on your next project before completing the one you have at hand.

Schedule and Arrange Your Tasks in Batches

Many people’s to-do lists are not arranged or ordered in a priority list. This should not be so. Arrange your tasks in order of priority and in batches. This will help you to avoid productivity hack save yourself a lot of time. For example when it’s time for you to make a phone call, then make all your phone calls; when it’s time for you to write one email, then write all your emails in just one sitting.

There are times when we either don’t want to work or have no work to do, and we prefer to do other things like watch TV or play game. Schedule all your sources of fun as rewards for working.  Remember you started your business so you could have some freedom. All work without play they say makes Jack a dull boy!

Use Automation

Set up or create some FAQs, or some knowledge bases for your clients or customers. This will help you answer your questions in your absence. For example you can create an auto-responder in your email system and include your FAQs and your signature.

Rushing to answer or respond to your customer immediately reduces your productivity. An auto-responder will send an automated message that automatically tells your customers when they will get a call or an email back. This will help you to reply them at your own convenience.

There’s No Perfect plan. Never Waits!

If you are a person who is always afraid of making silly mistakes or looking silly you will find this advice too tough for you.

As far as work is concerned, a person learns much more when he takes action than when he imagines and plans action. If you will be afraid of something happening, don’t be afraid of it because of the actions you take; instead be afraid of not taking action.

Personally, I have no regrets for the actions I take. Instead, I often regret those actions I don’t take. It’s rarely a bad thing taking actions; taking action helps us to grow and be profitable in our businesses.

Try to Make Your Business Great, Not Perfect

Never look to make your business perfect; if you think you’ve got a perfect business, you will not try to improve. Just start taking action now and try hard to discover a better way to make your business great instead of looking for how to make your business perfect.

If you do not even have a business we can help you. Please visit our consultancy page and send us a request. If you’ve already got a business and you’re asking how you can grow it, my simple answer is don’t get too comfortable!

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